Blair Educational Services

"All learning is experienced, everything else is just information"

Frequently Asked Questions

·        What are your qualifications?
As a graduate of both ETSU (Bachelor of Science in Education) and Nova Southeastern University (Master of Science in Education), I am certified in Tennessee to teach K-8.   

·    What kind of experience do you have? 
I have worked in many local schools throughout my education and professional career including the following Elementary Schools: Andrew Johnson (Kingsport City School District); University School (Washington County School District); Cherokee (Johnson City School District); Range (Carter County School District); Gunnings (Sullivan County School District); and East Tennessee State University – College of Business and Technology.

·    How can you homeschool my child; I thought only the parents or guardians could do that in Tennessee?
Legally, in Tennessee, parents or guardians must homeschool their own children; however, your students can be tutored by someone else. I can offer you as much or as little support as you need.

·    What kind of paperwork do I have to submit for homeschooling?
Legally, you must submit a letter of intent to homeschool your child to your local school district and an attendance sheet at the end of your school year. While I can assist you with that paperwork, you are ultimately responsible for the paperwork.

·    My child struggles with rote memorization; can you help?
Yes! I believe all learning should be fun so I use learning techniques to meet all of your child’s many multiple intelligences. For example:  It is important that your child learn multiplication facts but in addition to flashcards, we also use music, games and other manipulatives to ensure the retention of the facts.